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Robert Manolson – Fun at Work

March 08, 2022 Marie Gervais Season 5 Episode 5
Culture and Leadership Connections Podcast
Robert Manolson – Fun at Work
Show Notes

Bio for Robert Manolson 

Robert Manolson is a certified career counsellor, and creator and workshop facilitator of Powerful Play Experiences to enable positive workplace mental health for teams. 

Episode highlight

Robert Manolson is on a mission to inspire workplaces, especially during the pandemic, to embrace the value of fun at work. 








“I’m of the belief that if we incorporate more fun at work or happy at work, more joy, more team engagement, that’s just good mental health - that’s good positive workplace mental health.” 

“The #1 reason why everybody calls me to do a workshop is because they want more kindness in their workplace!”

“Regardless of your community, regardless of who makes up that community, we’re all deserving of kindness. Everyone deserves kindness regardless of the.. differences in community.” 


Childhood Incidents

Robert grew up in a Jewish neighbourhood in Montreal, with playtime being a big part of his childhood. 

When his family moved out of Montreal, leaving the safety of the Jewish neighbourhood made him very private about his faith. 

His high school guidance counsellor guided him towards a community recreation leadership program where play was the focus of the course. He also pursued a master's in leisure and recreation studies. 

Influential Groups 

Robert has overcome years of struggle with keeping his faith private and is now coming to terms with being comfortable talking about it. 

Growing up, Robert observed mental illness issues on both sides of his family. He has worked to find peace in his own mental issues of depression and anxiety, and make conversations on this subject appropriate.

Temperament and Personality Influences

Robert shares anecdotes of his mother’s kind nature. This impacts the work he does today, in trying to encourage kindness at the workplace through the vehicle of play.

Cultural Epiphanies

Robert had to learn about First Nations people and get accustomed to how different life was in Alberta compared to the Jewish neighbourhood in Quebec.

Advice to an Employer 

Robert thrives in working relationships that are kind, caring, respectful, open and those that celebrate diversity. Smiling and laughing together is also important to him at work. 

More Great Insights! 

Reach out to Robert for a fun session of play at work to change the energy and culture of your team!

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