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Tarin Calmeyer – Balance in the Boardroom

July 06, 2022 Marie Gervais Season 5 Episode 13
Culture and Leadership Connections Podcast
Tarin Calmeyer – Balance in the Boardroom
Show Notes

Bio for Tarin Calmeyer 

Tarin Calmeyer is a Corporate Virtual Event Specialist and the CEO of Remote Team Wellness, the leading virtual wellness provider for several Fortune 500 companies, including Facebook, L'Oreal, and 

Episode highlight

Tarin Calmeyer was born to a Malawian mother, adopted by white South African parents, raised in the USA, went to university in Australia, lived in Morocco, Thailand, and Mexico, speaks English, Spanish, and Afrikaans, and has a working knowledge of Zulu, French, and Arabic. Tune in to join her on the fascinating journey that is her life story.









“Any change starts with the individual.”

“There is ‘otherism’ no matter where you look.”


Childhood Incidents

At the age of three, Tarin was abducted by her mother’s acquaintance and found eight days later. Tarin was later adopted by a white South African couple at age 11. 

Influential Groups 

Tarin was born and raised in the midst of “this very hateful bubble” of apartheid in South Africa, and she often felt ‘othered,’ even though she had people in her life who loved her. 

Dancing as a young girl taught her to work with her physical, mental, and emotional health, shaping her into the wellness-focused individual she is today. 

Tarin was raised in Christianity, but has found yoga to be an all-encompassing practice which has helped her explore other spiritual practices. 

Temperament and Personality Influences

Tarin believes she was born with a calm and patient temperament, and was an introvert. As an adult, she has worked to be more extroverted. 

As an only child, Tarin claims she always wanted to prove her point, but eventually learned through life experience and marriage that “you can’t be right all the time.”

Cultural Epiphanies

Tarin has realized that she won’t necessarily fit in with those who look like her. She also learned through teaching yoga that not everyone is focused on self-care and wellness. 

Advice to an Employer 

Openness to change, to another person’s perspective, and to growth are values that excite Tarin in working with others, which help everyone move forward towards their goals.

More Great Insights! 

If you are looking to “keep learning and keep growing,” visit Tarin’s website and discover ways to help your team care for themselves in a real life, virtual, or hybrid setting. 

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