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Nitin Govila – Into The Unknown

August 18, 2022 Marie Gervais Season 5 Episode 16
Culture and Leadership Connections Podcast
Nitin Govila – Into The Unknown
Show Notes

Bio for Nitin Govila 

Nitin Govila, a global business executive, has an extensive background in building and growing regions and organizations across multiple industries, channels, and cultures. 

Episode highlight

A North Indian raised in West India who went to France to study without knowing French, Nitin Govila can share a thing or two about absorbing cultures and spring-boarding from them to success. 






“Not only the mind, but the heart will play a very key role in any profession.”


Childhood Incidents

Nitin was born in Pune and lived there until the age of eight. His family originally came from North India and was close to another family from South India, who had a son similar in age to Nitin. The father of that family was a disciplinarian, but Nitin cherishes being treated equitably when the father would tutor both the boys, and looks back fondly over his memories with his childhood friend. 

Influential Groups 

Nitin describes Pune as a “very young city.” The people he was surrounded with brought different cultures, food, values, and languages, all of which nurtured his young spirit. He is still inspired to keep that youthful energy alive when he leads at work. He has also grown to be tolerant and appreciative of the many differences in others. 

The sport of cricket is so endemic to Indian culture that it’s practically considered a religion, and like many of his peers, Nitin was passionate about sports. He now supports his children when they show an interest in sports. 

He was introduced to meditation by one of his colleagues in India, and found peace, freedom, and community, helping him through major decisions in his life. He is now also a meditation trainer.

Nitin’s parents were independent and encouraged education among their children. His parents are religious, and he admires the sincerity and effort they put into their practice. 

Temperament and Personality Influences

Nitin has always been a curious observer who emphatically believes in a “never give up” attitude, and invests deeply into situations while still maintaining an overall “helicopter view” of the situation. 

Cultural Epiphanies

Nitin was impressed by the French culture, particularly when they showed him an alternative to firing an employee by instead providing opportunities to coach them and share their unique skillsets.

More Great Insights! 

Nitin believes that the professionals of the future will learn to balance their hearts and minds, to listen to the voice of their hearts, and use their thinking to execute those commands. 

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