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Monica Pierre – What If?

January 06, 2023 Marie Gervais Season 6 Episode 1
Culture and Leadership Connections Podcast
Monica Pierre – What If?
Show Notes

Bio for Monica Pierre 

Monica Pierre is an Emmy Award-winning news reporter, public speaking and storytelling coach and mentor, and the executive producer and host of The Powerhouse Woman Show. She is a Professor of Practice with the Department of Mass Communication at Xavier University where she teaches podcasting, broadcast announcing, and storytelling to the next generation of aspiring media talent.

Episode highlight

Monica Pierre has seen the power of generosity change the lives of the members of her family and community. Listen in to learn how she channels this power through her work as a broadcast journalist, talk show host, and storytelling coach.





“Pour into other people, no matter who you are.”

“I believe the creator doesn’t make mistakes.”

Childhood Incidents

Monica is the daughter of sharecroppers from Louisiana and the oldest of five children. Family, hard work, faith, and moving forward were the values of her upbringing.

Her mother and other women helped her see the importance of reinventing her stories to have the life she wanted.

Monica’s father wanted to own his own home and worked for 30 years to build a house from scratch, teaching Monica determination and persistence. He also exemplified kindness, doing his best to help those in need. She now tries to pass those lessons on to the next generation.

Influential Groups 

Monica wouldn’t choose to be anything else but African-American, even though the story she was born into makes her angry. Growing up in a family where her parents would always work to help others in need, she “saw what generosity looks like even when you don’t have a lot yourself.”

She has found a community in the radio industry in New Orleans.

Temperament and Personality Influences

Monica claims she has always been quietly “attentive to what was said and what wasn’t said” while remembering what people said and what their preferences were.

Advice to an Employer 

Monica loves the freedom to try a new way and to set it in motion. She finds it beautiful to do something differently and looks at mistakes as information to be noted!

More Great Insights! 

If you would like to discover, uncover, and develop your story for your business, Monica would love to help you do it in a dignified way so you can share your personal story with your world. She encourages listeners to breathe and know that someone needs what you have to offer! 

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