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Claudia Miller – Ask For What You Deserve

February 02, 2023 Marie Gervais Season 6 Episode 3
Culture and Leadership Connections Podcast
Claudia Miller – Ask For What You Deserve
Show Notes

Bio for Claudia Miller
Claudia Miller is a sought-after career coach for women in technology-oriented fields. She's also the creator & host of the Roadmap To The Executive Suite podcast.

Episode highlight
As a Guatemalan-American, Claudia Miller struggled to find her voice in corporate America. Listen in on how she relied on education to rise above her humble beginnings and achieve success.







“You can never do the bare minimum and expect success.”
“I knew I wanted more out of life than just my husband and kids.”


Childhood Incidents
Claudia was born in Guatemala and has three other sisters. Her family moved to the USA when she was diagnosed with a chronic blood illness which could be better managed there.

After her parents separated, Claudia found herself living at a homeless shelter for women. She worked hard on her studies because she knew education would help her out of these hard times.

Influential Groups
Claudia’s Latino background taught her that women should not speak up for themselves, such as attempting to negotiating salary or marketing one’s personal brand.

The diverse student body at the college she attended allowed her to discover new cultures and expand her way of thinking.

Temperament and Personality Influences
Claudia claims she has always had an ambitious Type A personality.

Cultural Epiphanies
Claudia grew up in a culture that strongly emphasized humility and domesticity among women, forcing her to reframe her mindset in a way that would enable her success in business.

She had only watched Spanish-language media growing up, so Claudia felt left out when her peers at college discussed some aspect of the popular culture she had never experienced.

Moving out of her home to go to college was a big cultural change for her family since it is uncommon to leave Latino households before for marriage.

Advice to an Employer
Claudia is very solution-focused so she only works with clients she knows she can help. Her clients being open, communicative, and willing to work to get results brings out the best in her.

More Great Insights!
Claudia coaches women in tech to land fulfilling roles in an average of 90 days with an average of 56% in salary increases. 

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