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Chris Clews – The Power of Post-Trauma Transformation

March 15, 2023 Marie Gervais Season 6 Episode 5
Culture and Leadership Connections Podcast
Chris Clews – The Power of Post-Trauma Transformation
Show Notes

Chris’s Bio
Meet Chris Clews, the 80s pop culture guy who is an author and keynote speaker. He has over 20 years of leadership experience in corporate marketing and knows three things very well: 80s pop culture, business, and this crazy thing we call life. When it comes to facts and trivia about the 1980s, Chris is a human database, easily retrieving information about the decade that can explain trends, and why specific songs and movies became hits.

Episode Highlights
In this episode, Chris walks us through his life and career journey. He shares how different experiences shaped him into who he is today and how post-trauma transformation can boost your life. 

He also shares lessons that we can borrow from the work culture and incorporate into our workforce and leadership.






“I try to look at the positives, I’m a pretty optimistic person. Sometimes the positives are learning from the negatives.”

 “What’s important to me as a speaker is that when I leave, that everyone looks around and says, we made a great investment, whether it was time, money, or the stress of putting an event in a conference together.”


Childhood Incidents
Teachers play a huge role in children’s lives. Chris remembers his gym teacher as one of the most influential people he had growing up. He grew up in a neighborhood with children from different walks of life. Their teacher, Mr. Dwayne, always had a closet full of shoes to help children who needed them and displayed the children’s performances on his bulletin board. 

Influential Groups
The lessons Chris learned from individual and team-based sports influenced him a great deal. In sports there is healthy competition and everyone strives to win.

Temperament and Personality
When Chris’s parents divorced, he became very impatient. Learning to be more patient has become a life-long goal and it’s something he continues to work on. 

Cultural Epiphanies
Chris is forever grateful for his opportunities to travel to different places and experience different cultures. He found it challenging at times when he was in Portugal and Spain because he neither spoke nor understood Portuguese or Spanish. He found it exciting to figure out ways to communicate with others despite the language barrier. 

Thriving moments
When you hire Chris, rest assured he will deliver 150%. His goal is always to leave a mark wherever he goes. He wants people to look back and say he was a worthy investment.

Soap Box Moment
Chris suggests we purchase and read the books he’s authored and also follow him on his social media accounts.

Tag line
Your trauma can bring out the best in you.

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