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Uwe Dockhorn – Let Go to Get Going

June 19, 2023 Marie Gervais Season 6 Episode 12
Culture and Leadership Connections Podcast
Uwe Dockhorn – Let Go to Get Going
Show Notes

Uwe DockHorn’s Bio:
Uwe Dockhorn is an executive coach and lifestyle liberator. He is the CEO at Liberating Lifestyles and the founder of The AIM-Experience™: a three-step transformational experience for in-demand professionals and their spouses or life partners. Uwe believes in cultivating the internal certainty and clarity that improve your outcomes financially in business and emotionally in relationships.




“If you’re opening up for yourself, you open up yourself, and you tap into your fullest potential.”

“I will always embrace emotions, no matter what emotions they are.”

“Transformation, requires more than just letting go of the so-called status quo.”

Episode Highlights:
When Uwe lost his family members one by one, he felt like he had lost everything, and suicidal thoughts kicked in. He vividly recalls the day he was ready to end his life. One night during winter, he was standing on the edge ready to let go. Just before he jumped off, he felt something inside him that held him from jumping off the bridge, and it saved his life.

In this episode, we get to hear Uwe’s story of transformation from the young boy who wanted to jump off a bridge to the executive coach he is today.

Childhood Incidents:
Having experienced sexual abuse as a child, Uwe found it hard to trust, which became a stumbling block that led him to the edge.

Cultural Influences:
Uwe has experienced both the German and Italian cultures. The German culture makes him thorough, while the Italian culture gives him room to let loose. Growing up in Italy made Uwe love music, and he wanted to find out how it works. He was a deejay then and through music, he discovered his superpower.

Temperaments and Personality:
As a child, Uwe was quiet and reserved. When he became a teen, he became outgoing. He was always open to trying new things, but unfortunately, he didn’t celebrate the endings. There was a time he tried something new, and he ended up losing everything. His recovery journey began at 28 and his life took a different turn for the better.

Later in life, one of his partners suggested they do a workshop on systemic business design aimed at helping people shift the way they think about thinking and doing business. Uwe’s partner chose to do the workshop with him because he believed Uwe was a systemic thinker. When Uwe discovered this, it brought about a massive shift for him. It opened doors for him.

Cultural Epiphanies:
In high school, Uwe and his classmates travelled to Berlin. At that time, Berlin was still divided. They had to go through many processes to get to East Berlin. Uwe felt the oppression of autocracy and what it means by visiting Berlin for just one day.

Soapbox Moment:
If you’re feeling disconnected from your partner, you’re arguing with each other even though you don’t intend to, or you’re experiencing a lack of passion, and everything feels routine and mundane, Uwe can help you with that. He has a unique approach to dealing with life partners. To work with Uwe, reach out to him and book a chat or go to one of the live demonstrations that he runs monthly.

Tagline: Don’t be part of the problem. Let it go and be part of the solution by letting in.

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