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Adam Keller – Make Dedication Your Passion

August 14, 2023 Marie Gervais Season 6 Episode 15
Culture and Leadership Connections Podcast
Adam Keller – Make Dedication Your Passion
Show Notes

Adam Keller is the founder of Start a Party Rental Company. He started his party rental company at 22 years old. Through hard work and dedication, he grew it into a thriving business. In addition to his party rental company, he has expanded into other ventures, including Airbnb and a wedding venue. To share his expertise and knowledge, Adam started a YouTube and TikTok channel that’s focused on teaching people about the key principles of starting a successful party rental company.


Episode Highlights:
Adam Keller is a product of hard work and dedication. From a young age, his mother delegated tasks to him, and he never disappointed her. He vividly recalls helping with house chores and taking care of his younger sister while he was in seventh grade.

"Being part of a single mother household, I just did what needed to be done and didn't complain about it."

"Business culture for me means you have a vision and you don't let fear stop you."

"My main goal in life is to help people. I do that best by sharing what I know."

Childhood Incidents:
Adam was born into a single-parent household. During the winter, Adam shovelled snow so his mother could get to work. After school, he lit a fire to warm up the house since using a wood stove was less expensive than running electricity. He also recalls having to dig up roots to loosen tree stumps because his mother could not afford to hire some to do it. Adam believes his experiences prepared him to be the person he is today.

Influential Groups:
In middle school, Adam was part of the outcast group. They were the alternative kids who listened to punk rock and metal. This group gave Adam a sense of belonging, and the outcasts were kind to one another.

Work Culture:
From the onset, Adam wanted his company to be a place where people work, learn, and have fun. Adam says this is a work culture that he is determined to maintain.

Personality and Temperament:
Adam prides himself on his ability to evaluate situations and make decisions quickly. He thinks that’s been the primary education in his life, to train himself to think fast.

He also tries to develop his employees, showing them just how capable they are.

Cultural Epiphanies:
Adam created a TikTok channel to get some business ideas. All he saw were a bunch of side hustles that have to do with various online concepts like copying lists and doing that and drop shipping. They were all of little value. People made the videos just for views and clicks. He decided to make videos that would be helpful. Someone told him to skip the basic questions in the comments section and get to the real meat. Adam couldn’t understand how someone would think like that, considering people were starting and needed the basics.

Soapbox Moment:
Adam’s primary goal in life is to try to help people. He believes the best way to do it is by sharing his knowledge. He started a YouTube channel to enlighten people and got a lot of messages from people trying to find out more about party rentals. To focus on the people who were serious, he created courses. He invites us to have a look at the courses.

What brings out the best in Adam Keller: Adam loves working with people who are non-complainers. People willing to work and hungry to work for money and knowledge.

Tagline: Do you want to be successful? Make dedication your passion.

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