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Shayna Rattler – Putting Faith First

October 08, 2020 Marie Gervais Season 3 Episode 6
Culture and Leadership Connections Podcast
Shayna Rattler – Putting Faith First
Show Notes

Bio for Shayna Rattler 

Shayna Rattler is a minister, life/business mentor, coach, consultant, and speaker who helps people from all walks of life achieve personal growth and organizational excellence. As CEO of Corporate Attraction, a global consultancy based in Dallas, Texas, she has received multiple awards, published three books, and been featured in over 250 media outlets. She is also the host of the Faith First Leadership Podcast. 

Episode highlight

Shayna Rattler is passionate about helping others develop a deeper understanding of God and the identity they have in Him. Listen in on how she discovered and welcomed her mission to help leaders shift from burned out to where God needs them next to succeed in business and life. 




Social Media: @shaynaspeaks 


“When you put your faith first, everything else falls into place.” 

“We can only do to the capacity of who we are.”

“Keep going even when you don’t feel like it.”


Childhood incidents:

Shayna has had an entrepreneurial spirit since the age of five. As the only child of a single father, she grew up with a strong work ethic and credits him with her success as an entrepreneur.

Groups you were born into and belonged to: 

Shayna was born to a white mother and black father and grew up in a mostly white agricultural town in central Illinois. The black culture influenced her most as a leader. Shayna has been a part of many coaching groups and mastermind circles. 

Temperament and personality influences

Shayna claims she can get along with anyone and adds a dash of humour to everything she does. She is a D on the DiSC assessment and prefers to be direct. She has learned to communicate her opinions after taking other people’s feelings into consideration.

A time I became aware that my way of doing things was cultural and specific to my cultural experience

Shayna found that she and most black people were in favour of washing meat before cooking it while other races were content with cooking it at a high temperature. 

Advice to an employer to work with me

Shayna prefers to just be given the gist instead of the details. She is happy to communicate with you in the style of your choosing, but the best way to get through to her is to “get straight to it.”

More great insights from our guest! 

Shayna advises leaders to “be willing to recognize that you don’t have to have all the answers.” Access Shayna’s free 40-minute training module ‘Conquer Burnout & Get Unstuck NOW!’ 

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