Culture and Leadership Connections Podcast

Chris Thomson – The Entrepreneurial Connection

January 04, 2021 Marie Gervais Season 4 Episode 1
Culture and Leadership Connections Podcast
Chris Thomson – The Entrepreneurial Connection
Show Notes

Bio for Chris Thomson 

Chris Thomson is the Head Coach at Student Works Management Program in Eastern Canada. 

Episode highlight

As an award-winning swimmer, Chris Thomson had no free time to take up a part-time job. Listen in on how he maximized his time, streamlined his efforts, and worked smart to become a successful entrepreneur.


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“One of the big things we say you need in our program is someone with a big engine, someone who just… has lots of energy.”

“I’ve worked with many many swimmers… and almost universally they’ve been successful because they work really hard and they are coachable.”

“Men overestimate their capabilities… and women underestimate theirs… they are capable, and they have more concerns about their capabilities.”


Childhood incidents:

Chris’ father was successful in his career, inspiring Chris to aspire for success early on. Chris had a successful lawn care business even before the age of 16. 

Groups you were born into and belonged to: 

Chris was raised in the Roman Catholic Faith. Being a swimmer taught him the value of working hard and being coachable. He also identifies strongly with the entrepreneurial community. 

Temperament and personality influences

Chris claims that he has always been people-focused, considerate, amicable, and supportive. He likes to be liked. He also likes to learn and improve, fuelled by his persistence and growth mindset. 

A time I became aware that my way of doing things was cultural and specific to my cultural experience

When Chris was in his second year at university, he found that not everyone viewed right and wrong as clearly as he did. 

Advice to an employer to work with me

Chris believes in open communication, directness, honesty, and “looking for the best possible outcomes”. He has based his business around four values he imbibed from Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach: 

  1. Be on time
  2. Do what you say
  3. Finish what you start
  4. Say please and thank you

Chris also believes in taking 100% responsibility and working towards being accountable.

More great insights from our guest! 

As a white English-speaking male born in a wealthy household who went to university, Chris is not unaware of his privilege. “I certainly can recognize that and… I feel blessed because of that and certainly aware of all that we need to do as Canadians to make it… as fair a playing field as we can for everybody and making a contribution for everybody wherever possible”, he remarks.

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